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Tennessee DOT Awarded $10 Million Transit Grant

The Tennessee Department of Transportation announced last week it has received $10 million from the Federal Transit Administration's State of Good Repair Grant program to replace older transit vehicles.

TDOT joined forces with 15 transit agencies in order to apply for the funding. The grant money will replace transit vehicles that have "exceeded their useful life based on years in service or mileage."

"This joint application reflects the good relationship among Tennessee's transit agencies, as well as their strong alliance with TDOT," said TDOT Commissioner John Schroer in a statement. "We are excited to assist in this effort and to help these agencies make upgrades that will benefit users in every region of the state."

FTA State of Good Repair Grants are awarded to projects in order to maintain the nation's public transit systems. According to FTA, "state of good repair" means "sharing ideas on recapitalization and maintenance issues, asset management practices, and innovative financing strategies. It also includes issues related to measuring the condition of transit capital assets, prioritizing local transit re-investment decisions, and preventive maintenance practices." FTA began the grant program in 2010.

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