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Call for "Outside-the-Box" Transportation Solutions in New Competition

The George Mason University School of Public Policy is currently seeking submissions for its inaugural Cameron Rian Hays Competition for "Outside-the-Box" Transportation, Business, and Policy Innovations. The competition aims to recognize young people for their innovative ideas in solving transportation challenges.

Organizers of the competition are looking for answers to transportation challenges such as transportation funding, developing public/private sector collaboration, encouraging multimodal solutions, reducing community and environmental impacts of transportation services, enhancing quality of life through access to jobs and medical care, expanding opportunities for disadvantaged populations, and tackling coming challenges related to demographic changes and generational shifts.

The competition is open to students and individuals under the age of 35. Group submissions will also be accepted, as long as each individual member of the group is younger than 35. Submissions can be academic work or professional reports pertaining to either the public or private sector and do not need to be completed activities. Research or professional projects as idea proposals are allowed.

The competition will award $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second place, and $2,500 for third place. Winners will be invited to attend the Cameron Rian Hays Outside of the Box Conference, which is set to take place in May/June 2013, and present their proposals to a panel of transportation policy experts and an audience of transportation professionals.

All entries are due by Friday, Feb. 15. Additional information on the competition, including how to submit an entry, is available online at ​​​

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