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Amtrak’s Moorman Unveils ‘Streamlined’ Management, Corporate Structure

Citing goals to "increase organizational effectiveness, improve service to its 31 million customers and position itself for an even more competitive future," the Amtrak intercity passenger rail system said CEO Wick Moorman had "streamlined" Amtrak's management and corporate structure.

capitol0816.jpgThe Jan. 4 announcement said Moorman "reduced by half the senior management team into six direct reports" under the headings of operations, marketing and business development, finance, law, administration and a planning, technology and public affairs group.

"This new structure aligns with our focus on improving the way we do business, modernizing and enhancing the customer experience and investing in the future," Moorman said.

The announcement also said the changes will allow Amtrak "more organizational flexibility to fully comply with the new account structure created in the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act," and will provide greater transparency to rail system customers and stakeholders. 

Amtrak said that to strengthen its focus on safety and service delivery, train operations will now be managed regionally through three general managers and supported by mechanical, engineering, network support, police and security organizations.

The marketing and business development group will be expanded beyond its traditional role to include product development, planning, and contract management functions of the current business lines.

A new administration group will manage key administrative and support functions including human resources, labor relations, procurement and enterprise project management.

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