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Retiring AASHTO Executive Director Reflects <br>on Years at AASHTO in New Video

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials will launch a new video Monday, Jan. 14, to honor the professional accomplishments of retiring Executive Director John Horsley.

Horsley released "Building a Stronger AASHTO: 1999 to 2013" last October when he announced his retirement. The upcoming video brings the publication to life giving Horsley an opportunity to acknowledge the many people within the organization who helped shape AASHTO into the "institution" it is today.

"It is going to be a bittersweet departure because I love the staff," Horsley said. "I love the people I work for and I have tremendous enthusiasm—a passion—for what we do each day. I am very proud of the contribution we've been able to make to this institution which is very important to the country."


Watch "Building a Stronger AASHTO: 1999 to 2013" at ​​​

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