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AASHTO Journal

Association Publishes Specifications for Wind Loads on Bridges While Under Construction

pubs-windloads.jpgAASHTO has issued a new publication, a first edition titled "Guide Specifications for Wind Loads on Bridges During Construction."

It is available for purchase through the association's Bookstore as a single-user, downloadable PDF file, for both nonmembers and for members at a discounted rate.

AASHTO's Highways Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures produced the specifications in this book, which set minimum requirements for wind loads on bridges under construction before a deck is placed.

The association said all other aspects of the design are to be performed in accordance to the AASHTO load and resistance factor design specifications for bridges, or as specified by the bridge owner.

AASHTO said the wind loads that are determined using specifications in this publication are to be used for checking bridge girders, temporary and permanent bracing and the permanent substructure during erection of girders and up to the time of deck placement.

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