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Pennsylvania Gov. Announces Transportation Funding Advisory Commission
Gov. Tom Corbett last Friday signed an executive order creating a Transportation Funding Advisory Commission to develop innovative solutions to Pennsylvania's mounting transportation funding challenges. The commission held its first meeting Monday in Harrisburg.

"We need a comprehensive, strategic blueprint for how we pay for years of underinvestment in our roads, bridges, and mass-transit systems," Corbett said in a statement.

The governor tasked the group to make its recommendations by Aug. 1.

"Pennsylvanians expect and deserve to have a transportation system that improves not just their safety, but their overall quality of life," Corbett said. "The time has come to put a financial plan in place that not only addresses our transportation needs but also takes into account our nation's energy objectives and realities."

Pennsylvania Transportation Secretary Barry Schoch is leading the commission.

"I am grateful to all the commission members for contributing their time, knowledge, and insight to helping Pennsylvania move toward a new decade of transportation improvements," Schoch said in a statement. "I am committed to delivering a sound and effective blueprint for funding our state's transportation investments that benefits our economy and our residents."

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