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“GreenDOT” Program Aims to Reduce MassDOT’s Carbon Footprint
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has launched a new initiative aimed at incorporating sustainability into all of its activities, creating a more environmentally friendly department from an agency that oversees a sector generating more than one-third of the state's greenhouse-gas emissions.

Three goals have been established for the program, dubbed "GreenDOT:" reduce greenhouse-gas emissions; promote the healthy transportation options of walking, bicycling, and mass transit; and support smart growth and development.

"By making this commitment, MassDOT has declared its contribution to creating a clean energy economy for Massachusetts," Gov. Deval Patrick said in a news release announcing the initiative. "In the coming years, we will see the results in smarter growth, cleaner vehicles, and jobs devoted to building a lower-carbon transportation system."

GreenDOT sets a goal of reducing the transportation sector's greenhouse-gas emissions in Massachusetts by more than 2 million tons during the next decade, a reduction of about 7% below 1990 levels. The types of efforts that will help meet these goals include transit and rail projects; "complete streets" planning that includes bicycle and pedestrian accommodations; and investments in greener, more-efficient fleet vehicles and renewable power.

"GreenDOT helps realize the governor's vision for transportation reform by refocusing our transportation system on combating climate change by investing in healthier transportation options and building communities that support all transportation users," said MassDOT Secretary Jeffrey Mullan.

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