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Georgia House Endorses Governor's Gas-Tax Freeze; Costs GDOT $40 Million
Georgia's House of Representatives voted Thursday to maintain a freeze on the state's gasoline tax. House lawmakers voted 150-10 to support the suspension, which took effect July 1 after being ordered by Gov. Nathan Deal.

The state's gas tax fluctuates with the price of fuel, rising when gas prices go up. Deal issued an executive order in June to stop an automatic increase from taking effect, and representatives endorsed that action Thursday, The Associated Press reported. The bill now heads to the Georgia Senate.

By law, the gas tax had been set to rise 1.6 cents a gallon last month because of higher average fuel prices recently. Deal's order kept the rate at 12.9 cents a gallon. That decision is expected to cost the Georgia Department of Transportation $40 million in revenue, AP reported.

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