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AASHTOWare Unveils New Website, New Look

Those familiar with the software product line from AASHTOWare may notice a variety of changes the next time they visit AASHTOWare's website.

In an effort to make the site more user-friendly, AASHTOWare, which develops software products for designing and managing transportation infrastructure projects, has developed a new website to accompany the organization's rebranded look and logo. The new website replaces jargon with easier-to-understand language while also creating a fresh and cohesive design for new and existing products, allowing users to find what they are looking for more quickly and easily.

"The new website is the culmination of a full rebranding we've undertaken to streamline and improve what we do," said AASHTOWare Project Director Jan Edwards. "New and frequent visitors to the website can find the information they need and gain a better understanding of AASHTOWare and its many products."

Transportation organizations and consulting firms, counties, and cities in all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, use AASHTOWare to help increase confidence in government when those governments are under scrutiny, practice effective project management to deliver projects on time and on budget, sustain safety standards for design and construction, and use technology effectively to minimize costs associated with the delivery of transportation programs.

Additional information on AASHTOWare and all its products (including AASHTOWare Bridge, AASHTOWare Pavement, AASHTOWare Safety, etc.) is available at

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