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Congress Faces Countdown to Funding Crisis Upon Return From Recess

When the Senate and House return July 7, lawmakers will immediately be in a fast countdown toward the July 31 expiration of the Highway Trust Fund. And congressional leaders will need to make much earlier decisions on whether to complete a long-term authorization during July.

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July 03, 2015


Motor Fuel Fees Rise in Seven States July 1 as Laws Boost Infrastructure Investment

Six states hiked their excise fees on gasoline as of July 1, while another hiked its diesel fee, under laws designed to boost investment in the transportation infrastructure that motor vehicles use.

July 03, 2015



TTV Highlights State DOTs, CEO Calls for Congress to Maintain Strong Federal Role

AASHTO's Transportation TV has been running news and feature videos in which the CEOs of state departments of transportation describe what their states are doing to invest in roads, bridges and other infrastructure, and what they hope Congress will do to strengthen the federal programs in the ...

July 03, 2015



Survey: State DOTs Spent $16B on Transit in 2013 While Feds Contributed $10 Billion

A new study by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials shows that state departments of transportation put $16.3 billion into public transit systems in fiscal 2013, while the federal government's support for transit that year was $10.1 billion.

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July 03, 2015


FHWA Sends Arkansas $1 Million in Relief Funds for Flood-Damaged Roads

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the Federal Highway Administration's emergency relief account is sending $1 million to help the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department cover costs of repairing federal-aid roads damaged by recent floods throughout the state.

July 03, 2015



Lawmakers Approve Washington State Package Raising Billions for Transportation

​The Washington State Legislature approved a 16-year multimodal transportation revenue package that was expected to raise more than $15 billion from higher motor fuel excise taxes and a number of vehicle fees, with the funds to be spent on highways, local roads, ferries and transit projects, plus ...

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July 03, 2015


Governor Signs Louisiana Senate Bills to Add $100M in Annual Road, Bridge Funding

Gov. Bobby Jindal signed two bills in late June that would reportedly increase state funding for roads and bridges by about $100 million a year, starting at least a year from now.

July 03, 2015


Refinancing Idaho Infrastructure Bonds Nets $12.7M Savings for Highway, Bridge Work

The Idaho Transportation Department now has $12.7 million in extra funding over the next decade after the state refinanced a portion of its GARVEE infrastructure bond debt at lower interest rates.

July 03, 2015


New York Advances Paving Rehabilitation, Bronx Expressway Construction Projects

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced plans for the New York State Department of Transportation to accelerate two big projects – one for $75 million of additional pavement resurfacing to repair widespread damage from last winter, and another that speeds up rehabilitation of a major expressway in the ...

July 03, 2015


Arizona Board Approves 5-Year Plan; ADOT Chief Warns on Keeping Pace With Demand

The Arizona State Transportation Board adopted a five-year construction plan for the Arizona Department of Transportation that uses a combination of expansion, preservation and modernization projects. ADOT Director John Halikowski used the program announcement to also warn about the investment ...

July 03, 2015


RIDOT, Amtrak Break Ground on Track Addition, Acela Bypass at Kingston Station

A number of senior Rhode Island officials helped break ground on a $41 million passenger rail project between the state Department of Transportation and Amtrak, which the agency said will benefit broader Amtrak operations in the Northeast Corridor and could accommodate commuter rail in the future.

July 03, 2015

BUD WRIGHT, Executive Director

LLOYD D. BROWN, Director of Communications

JOHN BOYD, Senior Editor

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