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The Prospects for Passage: AASHTO Policy Expert Jim Tymon Discusses a Six Year Transportation Bill

​In this Transportation TV News Update AASHTO Chief Operating Officer and Policy Expert Jim Tymon, discusses the prospects for passage of the first, six-year surface transportation reauthorization bill in a decade.  “We’re very optimistic that we’ll see passage of a six-year bill,” said Tymon.  “This is the closest that Congress has been in a very long time. You have both the House and the Senate that have passed bills—so we’re very optimistic they’ll get a bill to the President’s desk.” As the House and Senate Conference Committee works to draft a final proposal Tymon explains why he believes the committee will reach consensus on potentially troublesome issues like the export-import bank.  And Tymon also sketches out his view of the path forward.  Can a six year transportation bill be signed into law before the end of the calendar year?