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T-Talk Video: Tesla’s VP Diarmuid O'Connell on Electric Cars Today and Tomorrow

​“Tesla’s mission from the very beginning was to catalyze a mass movement toward sustainable transportation by using electric vehicle technology,” says Diarmuid O'Connell Tesla Motors Vice President of Business Development in this T-Talk Video on Transportation TV. Tesla’s aim was to use the same type of batteries found in cell phones, laptops and other popular consumer electronics in its electric cars.  “This technology has become refined to the point where it can be deployed in the vehicle environment,” says O’Connell.  “And its cost profile has come down substantially and shows a trajectory to come down even further.” Established in 2003 Tesla Motors was founded by a group of engineers in Silicon Valley who wanted to prove that electric vehicles could be better than gasoline-powered vehicles. Tesla’s engineers first designed a powertrain for a sports car built around an AC induction motor, patented in 1888 by Nikola Tesla, the inventor who inspired the company’s name. In this video O’Connell discusses a range of topics from explaining why Tesla has a “no-advertising” policy to how O’Connell believes America will ultimately fund transportation infrastructure.